Commercial Diving

Divers UK is an established Commercial Diving Contractor offering a vast range of Commercial Diving Services.

Our professionalism and proven track record within our industry have allowed us to complete a range of diving projects for many clients over the years.

We have the skills, experience and equipment to accommodate any commercial diving operations.

Contact us to discuss your project and diving requirements.

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Commercial Diving

Underwater Inspections

We can provide surveys and inspections of any structure below the waterline using state of the art CCTV, sonar and equipment, including zero visibility conditions.

Commercial Diving

Civil Engineering & Construction

Providing diving support for all engineering needs, on small or large scale projects; working competently as the sole contractor, or collaboratively as a sub-contractor.

Commercial Diving

Search & Recovery

We offer an extensive range of methods and equipment to assist individuals and organisations to successfully find and safely recover anything lost below the waterline.

Commercial Diving


We have been involved in the successful and safe recovery of numerous submerged vehicles and vessels, of differing sizes and from a variety of waterways and locations.

Commercial Diving

Propeller Clearance

We can attend any vessel, from small leisure craft to large commercial vessels at short notice to remove any entanglement or obstructions without the need for drydocking.

Commercial Diving

Ships Husbandry

Working closely with our network of chosen international partners, we can provide any aspect of shipping inspections, cleaning, maintenance and repairs to commercial vessels.

Commercial Diving

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Avoiding the cost and disruption of draining domestic or commercial swimming pools, we can complete all necessary repairs and maintenance underwater and around your schedule.

Commercial Diving


Providing vessels and diving teams for the UK and European wind and renewables sector to complete various installation tasks and IRM (inspection, repairs and maintenance) services.